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Monthly Archives: September 2022


When Does Maryland Deviate From The Child Support Guidelines?

By Schlaich & Thompson, Chartered |

Maryland family law requires parents to provide necessary support and care to their children. When parents are married or live together, they typically divide child support obligations without court intervention. But for divorced and unmarried parents, the determination of child support obligations usually resides with the Maryland courts. To help ensure that any award… Read More »

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4 Versions Of DUI/DWI Laws & Penalties In Maryland

By Schlaich & Thompson, Chartered |

Maryland Code of Transportation Section 21-902 establishes the laws against and penalties for driving under the influence (DUI) and driving while impaired (DWI). Although these crimes appear under the same statute, DUI/DWI can fluctuate based on the type of substance involved, the number of previous offenses (if any), and the circumstances of the offense…. Read More »

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Woman Sentenced In Maryland For Interstate Domestic Violence

By Schlaich & Thompson, Chartered |

A U.S. federal judge in Maryland recently sentenced a Florida woman to 16 years in federal prison for interstate domestic violence, according to a Department of Justice press release. According to the plea agreement in this case, the Florida woman made contact with a 17-year-old minor female via social media in May 2017. After… Read More »

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2 Situations Where Maryland Denies Child Visitation Rights

By Schlaich & Thompson, Chartered |

Even when one parent receives sole custody of a child in Maryland, the other parent can typically obtain child visitation rights. These rights enable the non-custodial parent to spend time with their child and stay connected to their life. But in certain situations, the Maryland courts will usually deny child visitation rights. The first… Read More »

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