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Monthly Archives: March 2024


How Are Property And Debts Divided During A Maryland Divorce?

By Schlaich & Thompson, Chartered |

One of the key aspects of a Maryland divorce is the division of property and debts that were acquired during the marriage. Maryland is considered an equitable distribution state which means that property is divided between the spouses in a manner that is considered equitable to both parties. That does not necessarily mean that… Read More »

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Does Maryland Require Mediation In Divorce?

By Schlaich & Thompson, Chartered |

There are several ways to dissolve a marriage in the state of Maryland. Traditionally, parties litigated their divorces in an adversarial format in which they made arguments before a judge. The judge would render final decisions on key issues such as property division, alimony, child custody, and child support. Today, a backlog of divorce… Read More »

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Will I Receive Alimony In My Maryland Divorce?

By Schlaich & Thompson, Chartered |

When a couple has been married for a long time, it’s not uncommon for one spouse to make monthly payments to the other to help support them after the divorce is finalized. Alimony is one aspect of divorce that either gets settled during mediation or through litigation. The courts will weigh several factors when… Read More »

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Can I Refuse A Breathalyzer Test In Maryland?

By Schlaich & Thompson, Chartered |

The short answer to this question is: yes, you can refuse a breathalyzer test in Maryland. However, under Maryland’s implied consent laws, there are consequences for refusing a breathalyzer test. The question then becomes: is it more beneficial to refuse the breath test, or should you take it? In Maryland, prosecutors can prove that… Read More »

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