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Bel Air Traffic Offense Lawyer

Most people are familiar with the charges of speeding and driving under the influence, but Maryland traffic law is much more extensive than that. Even within a category of speeding there are many levels of violations depending how fast the vehicle was traveling over the speed limit, and each carries its own penalties. If you have been charged with a traffic violation in Bel Air or a surrounding community, the lawyers at Schlaich & Thompson Chartered can help. We have been helping clients fight points on their licenses, fines, and even criminal charges since 1998.

Various Types of Traffic Offenses

Traffic violations are categorized into minor traffic infractions and major traffic violations. There is no jail time for minor traffic violations such as speeding or running a red light, but these offenses do result in a fine and points on your license. As the Maryland State Bar Association mentions, if a person receives more than eight points on their license within a two-year period, their license may be suspended. Each offense has its own points associated with. For instance, driving 10 miles per hour over the speed limit is two points on a person’s license while driving 30 miles per hour over is five points.

Major Traffic Offenses

Unlike minor infractions, a person convicted of a major traffic violation could potentially serve time in jail. Many charges are considered misdemeanors, in which case the jail time could be up to one year. Certain violations such as repeat DUIs could even be felonies. A first DUI offense carries a penalty of up to 12 months in jail, while a second offense can be penalized with two years in prison, according to the Maryland Department of Transportation. The fines for major traffic violations are harder and it is more likely that a person’s license will be revoked because there are so many points associated with these convictions. For instance, failing to stop in a crash resulting in bodily injury or death (a hit-and-run scenario) is 12 points.

How a Maryland Attorney Can Help

Getting a traffic violation, even a minor one, can have a huge impact on a person’s life. At the very least insurance premiums will rise and the fines will need to be paid. For more serious cases a person could serve jail time, lose their license, have to report their felony to any future employers, and more. The experienced traffic lawyers at Schlaich & Thompson Chartered will investigate your case, present all mitigating circumstances to the judge, and advise you on how to plead.

Contact Schlaich & Thompson Chartered For More Information

We understand that traffic tickets can initially seem like a nuisance that you may even want to ignore, however, traffic infractions have serious consequences. Luckily, the repercussions can be less severe with proper representation from a qualified legal team. Our attorneys at Schlaich & Thompson Chartered will work hard on your behalf from the moment we begin until your case is resolved. Contact us to learn more and for a free initial consultation at 410-838-0004.

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