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Monthly Archives: June 2023


Should You Lie To The Police?

By Schlaich & Thompson, Chartered |

When faced with the possibility of facing a severe criminal sentence, some people choose to lie to the police. Even though this may, at the time, seem like a good idea, it never is. Rather than lying to the police, there are other, far more useful, actions that an individual can take. By being… Read More »

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What Happens If A Family Member Shoplifts?

By Schlaich & Thompson, Chartered |

Even though shoplifting is often considered a “lesser offense,” when compared to other crimes, it still comes with its own set of penalties and charges. By being aware of these penalties, as well as what constitutes shoplifting, it’s easier to understand what might happen to a family member who shoplifts. What Is Shoplifting?  Shoplifting… Read More »

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What Are The Advantages & Disadvantages Of A Prenuptial Agreement?

By Schlaich & Thompson, Chartered |

Many spouses choose to develop, and then sign, a prenuptial agreement, as a result of the advantages such an agreement offers. But, many spouses choose to forfeit a prenuptial agreement, due to the disadvantages it offers. By being aware of the advantages and disadvantages of a prenuptial agreement, it’s easier to determine whether or… Read More »

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How Can You Obtain A Peace Order Against A Family Member?

By Schlaich & Thompson, Chartered |

A peace order is similar to a protective order, but a little different. For those who are in need of protection, but not eligible for a protective order, a peace order is worth considering.  What Is A Peace Order?  A peace order is defined as the following: a court order that requires one particular… Read More »

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