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Monthly Archives: January 2021


Examining 4 Aspects of Spousal Agreements in Maryland

By Schlaich & Thompson, Chartered |

Maryland family law enables married couples to enter into valid and enforceable contracts with each other, such as prenuptial agreements and postnuptial agreements. Sometimes referred to collectively as spousal agreements, these contracts allow spouses to attach mutually acceptable terms and conditions to their marriage. Scope of Spousal Agreements Maryland Code of Family Law Section… Read More »

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Local Domestic Violence Fatality Review Teams in Maryland

By Schlaich & Thompson, Chartered |

Recognizing the risk of death inherent with domestic violence cases, the Maryland General Assembly created the Local Domestic Violence Fatality Review Teams (“Local Teams”). These multidisciplinary and multiagency teams exist on a county level throughout the state to ensure that the worst domestic violence cases receive comprehensive review and treatment. Purpose of Local Teams… Read More »

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4 Kinds of Property Couples Split Up After Maryland Divorces

By Schlaich & Thompson, Chartered |

When a formerly married couple pursues divorce or annulment, they must go through the process of property division as well. During this process, the soon-to-be divorced couple decide how to split up various types of property that they acquired during their marriage. In common practice, there are generally four different kinds of property that… Read More »

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Overview of Maryland Laws Against Destructive Devices

By Schlaich & Thompson, Chartered |

Destructive device laws in Maryland exist under the umbrella of weapon possession crimes. Destructive devices have the potential to inflict severe harm due to the presence of harmful materials or substances. Accordingly, Maryland applies criminal penalties for violations of destructive device laws. What is the Definition of a Destructive Device? Maryland Code, Criminal Law… Read More »

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