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Monthly Archives: April 2019


How Does Maryland Regulate Handgun Use?

By Schlaich & Thompson, Chartered |

Even though every person in the United States has a constitutional right to bear arms under the Second Amendment, Maryland imposes numerous handgun laws and similar regulations. Every handgun owner in Maryland must abide by these rules or face criminal penalties, including but not limited to costly fines and even prison time. Definition of… Read More »

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Joint Custody Agreements in Maryland

By Schlaich & Thompson, Chartered |

Child custody is one of the most important considerations in life for parents who divorced or never married. In these situations, it is generally advisable to keep both parents involved. That way, the child or children involved can develop solid relationships with both parents. To help facilitate the physical and legal considerations of sharing… Read More »

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Award of Family Property After a Maryland Divorce

By Schlaich & Thompson, Chartered |

When a couple decides to end their marriage and pursue a divorce, both parties must consider the issue of property division. If the parties to a divorce cannot agree amongst themselves, then a Maryland state court will award possession and use of family property, including the family home and family use personal property. Family… Read More »

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